Soft antibacterial cotton socks 
Solid color 
· Six pairs ·
Soft antibacterial cotton socks <br> Solid color <br> · 6 pairs ·
Soft antibacterial cotton socks <br> Solid color <br> · 6 pairs ·
Soft antibacterial cotton socks <br> Solid color <br> · 6 pairs ·
Soft antibacterial cotton socks <br> Solid color <br> · 6 pairs ·
Soft antibacterial cotton socks <br> Solid color <br> · 6 pairs ·
Soft antibacterial cotton socks <br> Solid color <br> · 6 pairs ·

Soft antibacterial cotton socks
Solid color
· 6 pairs ·

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Perfect for everyday wear. For these socks, we have dipped high-quality cotton in silver nanoparticle solutions to combat the bacterial growth and deodorize the sock at the same time. With a focus on comfort and fit, we've made the nettop that enhances breathability. The Y-heel construction creates the heel pockets slightly lower for comfortable carrying. Since the yarn was pre-dyed before knitting, the sock color remains well saturated even after several washes. The toe seam is flattened to avoid bruises.

  • 80% Combed natural cotton - known for its softness, breathability, quality and premium performance; 5% Silver - gives the antibacterial properties; 15% Polyamide - increases the durability
  •  US: 7.5-10, EU: 39-44
  •  Brand Name: AUN
  •  Sock Type: Business
  •  Thickness: Thin
  •  High: Crew
  •  Package: Gift Box
  •  Imported
  • Machine wash warm
  • Tumble dry low
AUN socks are a health product of fine Combed Cotton (80%) textiles combined with Nano silver ions (Ag+ ) evenly distributed throughout the product material to provide both hygiene and comfort to our feet.
  • Multi-Function Construction
AUN silver ion (Ag+ ) fabric is a thermal material. It is extra soft, has very good absorbent quality and remains cool and airy. Bacteria and Odour resistant.
  • Persistent anti-bacteria performance: Laboratory tests prove that the sock material retains over 90% of its anti-bacteria function against bacteria namely Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, Candidiasis albicans after completing the 100th time of washing.
Users experiencing skin feet health problems report obvious improvement on reduced skin-peeling, bubbles and itchiness after wearing AUN socks for 3-6 months.
  • Deodorizing performance: 100% users feedback effectiveness. The socks remain odor free for 3-7 days depending on different sweating conditions of users.
  • Elasticity The material has very good elastic quality after continuous wearing, stretching and washing.  The cuff doesn’t get loose and keeps its shape well.
  • Traveller-friendly: You may keep wearing the socks for 3-7 days while on holiday or on the trip away from home. They remain odor-free and airy.  If you don’t sweat a lot, you may wear them for up to 7 days without washing.
  • Design options: The products are currently available in contemporary designs suitable for people of different ages and from all walks of life.
Brand Product Technology: Nano Silver (Ag+ )
AUN represents Action, Unique, Neat. As a pioneer manufacturer in fine combed cotton textile products combined with advanced anti-bacterial technology, the brand believes in practical functionality of the product. It executes this motif by infusing Nano Silver ion (Ag+ ) into the product materials. This makes the product carry outstanding hygienic quality.

Research findings reveal:
  • We wear socks over 12 hours every day.
  • 40-60% of us are troubled by stinky feet.
  • Over 600 types of bacteria breed actively with sweat in socks with ordinary textile materials.
Silver ion (Ag+) has a long history of application in the medical and health industry which proves to help heal wounds. It has a strong function of destroying bacteria cell structure and inhibits it’s reproduction effectively.
The AUN material has been proven to be highly resistant to different kinds of bacteria than normal fabric. Since the sock material is produced with fine Combed Cotton, it provides extra comfort to your feet.
AUN socks possess excellent airy and odor-resistant quality. Users wearing AUN socks for 6 months have reported obvious improvement on various skin problems. If you wear socks for long hours, do try AUN socks. We believe that you will enjoy wearing them.