About us

ArtioFashion is passionate about offering the latest fashion trends in man's socks at the lowest possible prices. 

Socks are made from natural materials, carefully selected and tested in licensed laboratories. Colorfastness, high quality, and comfort, as well as colors and patterns that accompany fashion trends, meet even demanding American and European standards.

"Who you are, what you believe in: that’s what you wear every day. And that is what we make socks for"

In addition to cotton, ArtioFashion started selling socks made of bamboo yarn. It is little known that because of simple and quick breeding, exceptional qualities and features, bamboo is the favorite and valued material in the world. It is understandable why the buyers on the market have perfectly embraced this attractive product.

"The foolish man built his house upon the sand; the wise man built his house on a rock"

We purchase from over 50 manufacturers from the town of Datang, known as Sock City. The town currently produces 8 billion pairs of socks each year, a third of the world's sock production, effectively creating two pairs of socks for every person on the planet. 

Our products are delivered directly to your doorstep and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

"People always need good socks"


We will be pleased to respond to any new invitation for cooperation as well as to hear your comments and suggestions.

If you have any questions about our brand or would like to collaborate alongside ArtioFashion please get in touch.