Another lightweight, attractive, and summery alternative to cotton dress socks is bamboo fiber socks. Often used in a blend of synthetic fibers, bamboo is also ideal for warm weather and great for anyone with a threadbare budget. Bamboo fiber dress socks also have a beautiful silk-like sheen often only seen in more expensive fabrics. However, the bamboo fibers tend to trap moisture. For those who have sweaty feet, other fibers are likely an ideal alternative.

One thing must be made clear: bamboo socks are not made of bamboo fibers! Whoever wants to make you believe this is cheating on you! Bamboo socks are made of viscose. Viscose can be made from almost any plant cell and always has the same characteristics. In bamboo socks, the viscose is made of bamboo cells.
Viscose is the ideal material for sweaty feet. It quickly wicks away moisture from the skin and your foot always feels dry. Viscose also does not provide a good breeding ground for bacteria - so there is no strong smell of bamboo socks.   
Viscose is a wonderful material for any textile that is worn directly on the skin. Viscose socks are offered as bamboo socks. Viscose is soft, very skin-friendly and breathable. The semi-synthetic fiber is made from pulp. The pulp is obtained in this case from the bamboo plant.
Viscose has the advantage over cotton in addition to the gentle softness that it also works perfectly with shoes made of the special membrane. Cotton is more likely to retain moisture, but viscose will wick it away from the outside. In addition, viscose is a cool material. That's why these socks are extremely comfortable to wear even in summer.